Kansas City Skyline Striving to Foster a Resilient COmmunity. We know the value in
preparedness planning.
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Our Mission: Striving to foster a resilient community through relationship development and knowledge sharing. Promoting a broader understanding and awareness of the value for preparedness planning with a diverse group of professionals in the Kansas City Metro Region.

Ongoing Services and Benefits Provided:

  • Meetings hosted free or at a nominal fee and topics are relevant to the organizations objective
  • Emergency preparedness information for member research and education
  • Opportunity to become involved by serving on a board position or other committee appointment
  • Conduct seminars, conferences and meetings to disseminate information about emergency, disaster and business continuity preparedness
  • Facilitate resources for member networking opportunities

PEP Membership is complimentary for current students in the following programs: Crisis & Disaster Management or Disaster & Emergency Management.