Our members are uniquely qualified to understand the challenges we face as a society as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PEP Board of Directors will continue to meet monthly via video conference, but other than that, PEP activities are on hold for the foreseeable future. This is to conform to social distancing requirements, and to allow members and directors to focus on their personal and professional obligations during this time.

We look forward to a time where we can bring the membership back together. Look for information on a networking/social event, as well as general sessions, when restrictions are lifted and this crisis has passed. In the meantime, please be well, and reach out to the board (pepboard@hotmail.com) if you have questions about resources or professional contacts.

Regards, April Renner | President, PEP Board of Directors

Dark Web, with a Twist of Ransomware

This virtual presentation will be by Jim Baird, Director of Information Security, Information Security Auditor with 10-D Security. News stories on ransomware attacks have unfortunately become commonplace.  Though ransomware has been around for a while, the attacks have evolved, and ransom demands have increased substantially.  Not only do the attacks result in locked-up data and systems, but many now include […]