Dark Web, with a Twist of Ransomware

This virtual presentation will be by Jim Baird, Director of Information Security, Information Security Auditor with 10-D Security. News stories on ransomware attacks have unfortunately become commonplace.  Though ransomware has been around for a while, the attacks have evolved, and ransom demands have increased substantially.  Not only do the attacks result in locked-up data and systems, but many now include […]

FEMA Region VII, Private Sector Program Session 1

Virtual Event

Introduction to FEMA Private Sector Program and Liaison Role: FEMA Regional Overview and Hazards Steady State v. Disaster Response Private Sector Industry Role in Preparedness and Response Community Lifelines and ESF-14 Training and Exercise Opportunities Self-Paced and Online Off-the-Shelf Toolkits (i.e. take back to your organization) Request a Training or Exercise via the Private Sector Liaison Ways to Get Involved: […]

Introduction to FEMA Private Sector Program and Liaison Role Session 2

Virtual Event

FEMA Operational Tools (Deep Dive) National Business Emergency Operations Center (NBEOC) National Risk Index (NRI) Resilience Analysis and Planning Tool (RAPT) This webinar would include an overview of each tool and a walk-through of basic capabilities. If the group is particularly interested in any of these tools, additional user training can be requested.